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Ok. Hoopes told me about this show when I saw him a few weeks ago but I didn’t know the date uNtiL a FeW hOuRs BeFoRe ThE sHoW like what. Thankfully I got there right as it started

Got to meet Mike because he was walking around wooooooo and he said they might do an after show in the parking lottt

The first two bands were reeeaaally surprisingly good. The second was a Four Year Strong type sound and I caught a case of nostalgia lol. The third band was terrible because they tried to be Brand New and just nooooo. The fourth band (yes, there were four before Mike wtf) was amazing and the guitarist was the main engineer at Dark Horse Studios (they’ve recorded a lot of RK’s stuff) and he actually remembered me!

The first picture is of the fourth band doing a slow song. The singer sat on the stage and asked everyone to sit down and it was great

I talked to Hoopes during the fourth band and he recognized me right away and I was just kind of in shock for a second lol

Then Mike finally came on and they were soooo good omg such high energy and well dressed and awh yiss

I was literally touching the stage standing right in front of Hoopes, and when they started playing “Everything” Hoopes and I were both jumping and singing and it was hilarious

I got to talk to Mike after the show and he pulled me aside and was like “I don’t think we’re gonna do an after show tonight” and he paused and I said “..because it would just be me and like one other person?” and he laughed and said he really appreciated my support and that I showed up (there weren’t very many people there) so I felt specialnfjkeldngser;

It was a good night.

p.s. no Kristen Stewart was not there

p.p.s. yes I was disappointed

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